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My partner Winnie Kho and myself have a passion in East Malaysia, the Island of Borneo, that we want to share with the world. This area is incredibly beautiful, calm, and rich in nature and culture. To learn more about us and our passions click here. However, we are no longer operating a travel business. We leave this website up only to share information about Borneo. Prices in the flyers were indicative of 5 years ago.

East Malaysia, on the Island of Borneo, lays Sarawak, the Land of Headhunters, and Sabah, the land below the wind. While headhunting is no longer practice. the rich culture remains there. Much of the population speaks English in this friendly country.

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Photograph of Isabel Orangutan and two tourists taken at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Sandakan. Visit an Orang Utan Sea and green. Borneo is one of the premiere eco tourism destinations. The third largest Island in the world, it is home of many unique flora and fauna. 
Borneo's traditional roades were the rivers. Borneo is filled with winding rivers, once the only way to get around except by foot. During your adventure, you will have the opportunity to fly, ride in a car, van or off road vehicle, cruise on a long boat, or even hike in the jungle.

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We have packaged tours and the ability to customize your trip to this exciting destination. Whether you are interested in beaches, mountains, jungles, caves, good food, rich culture, or unusual and rare wildlife, we can assist you in fulfilling your travel plans.

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