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Founded in 1998 by Steve Kaplan, WriteChoices Media started out producing and developing multimedia for a variety of markets, including travel. We have recently expanded into the travel industry to fill a growing demand for quality travel to the tropical rainforest and other destinations.

I met my partner, Winnie Kho in 2002. We she has a strong background in the international hotel and travel industry. We soon found that our passions overlapped as we wanted to share the cultures of the world with all those who seek to appreciate others people.
Winnie and Steve We were searching for way to bridge the cultural gap between the people of Borneo and the people of the United states. We also wanted to help the animals that live there, such as the Orangutan, who need our support. This led us to develop our Borneo Lifestyles products, Customable tours for groups or individuals to this exciting destination..
Also, we have organized a group of Sarawakians in Southern California who come together to eat, talk, and learn more about Borneo and the United States.


Here is a photo from our Traditional Borneo Headhunter Wedding. the ceremony was from the Orang Ulu tribe.

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