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Borneo, Land of Hornbills, Orang Utans, Sea Turtles, Proboscis Monkeys and many, many more rare and exotic animals that you can see.

Borneo is home to many exotic and rare species of animals. Many of them can be seen in the wild by tourist.

Isabel visits with Steve Orang Utans Orang Utans
  Proboscis Monkeys          

Baby turtles making thier way to sea

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Tour Code: Orang Utan/01

Orang Utan knows as the “Wild Man of Borneo”. You will find them swinging through the forest in Sepilok, the world’s largest orang utan sanctuary. In this sanctuary, orang utans that have been abandoned by their mothers, or were formerly in captivity, are rehabilitated until fit enough to be returned to the wild. Watching these charming and entertaining mammals during feeding time is a sheer delight.


Upon arrival at Sandakan airport,meet and transfer to Sepilok Nature Resort A guided tour to Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center. Trek ten minutes through the rainforest on wooden boardwalk to witness the Orang utan feeding at 1500hour as they swing through the trees towards the feeding platform for their food of the day. You may also encounter with Macaques, the long tailed & pig tailed Macaques.(You need to pay US$8/RM30per person for the entrance fee to the Sepilok Center) Return to reception center, to view the displays and exhibits at the Information Center. Return to the resort for dinner.

In the evening, a one hour guided night walk to the Sepilok Forest Trails to experience walking the dark to spot animals or insects. Overnight at Sepilok Nature Resort. (Dinner)

Day 2

After breakfast at 0920hour, we arrange a guided Sepilok jungle trek to the forest area of lowland forest, hill forest & fresh/salt water mangrove. An excellent opportunity to take a walk in the Borneo Rainforest. Look out for the diversity of trees, climbing plants, ferns and other plants as well as birds and insects. Sightings are also possible for orang utan, gibbons, languor, snakes and etc. The walk is quite easy until reaching the hill forest where some hills are fairly steep and if it rains, conditions for walking can be tricky. Encounters with leeches are also to be expected. Normally, arrival time at Sepilok Laut is 1200hour(we arrange packed lunch), if the journey starts at 930hour. Return by boat to Sandakan and arriving at Sepilok Nature Resort at 1400hour. Take a rest and transfer to Sepilok Rehabilitation Center. Trek ten minutes through the rainforest on wooden plank walks to witness the feeding of the orang utans at 1500hour. Dinner and overnight at Sepilok Nature Resort. (Breakfast/lunch/Dinner)

Day 3

Pickup from Sepilok Nature Resort, meet & continue to Sandakan jetty for an estimated 2 hours boat journey to Sukau Riverforest Lodge along Sabah longest river, Kinabatangan with opportunity to view birds and wildlife in virgin mangrove, wetland and rainforest habitats. Late afternoon take a two hour hours river cruise using electric motor in search of some of the 10 primate species including Proboscis monkeys as they settle down on treetops along the Kinabatangan River. Return for solar heated hot shower, candle light dinner and slide show conducted by naturalist guide. Overnight at Sukau Rainforest Lodge. (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

Day 4

After breakfast, transfer by boat to Sukau Village for a short tour and return to Sandakan by boat journey. Drop off at Sandakan airport. (Breakfast)

2 night’s accommodation at the Sepilok resort and 1 night at Sukau Rainforest Lodge. 8 meals, return transfer and boat ride. Guided tours.

Round trip from Los Angeles to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Sandakan)
Entrance fees at Sepilok Rehabilitation Center.


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